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Types Of Engineering Courses In IIT

April 20, 2020 By Somebody Nobody

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the topmost engineering college in India. Every year lakhs of student attempts JEE mains and advance examination to get into IIT. The professors and environment of IIT is quite amazing. There are 12 types of engineering courses in IITs. Although only some of the IIT’s consists of all the […]

What is HTML DOM and How is it Useful

April 18, 2020 By Somebody Nobody

DOM represents document object model. It is represented in a form with a logical tree format. Each note can be considered as a branch and each note consists of an object. DOM allows changing the structure and style of the document. DOM was first introduced in 1998. The latest version of DOM is updated in […]

How To Be Successful in Life

April 7, 2020 By Somebody Nobody

A lot of people would like to know how to be successful in life because there are people who spent hours learning how to be successful and there are people who spend decades researching successful people. A lot of books were written regarding this how to be successful in life and some of them are […]

Will The Real Estate Improve Due to Corona

April 7, 2020 By Somebody Nobody

According to me, the land is a part of the economy and they grow regularly due to inflation as well as due to demand. Coming to the topic of how land rights are going to affect YouTube around. The world economy is getting affected due to the virus and major country such as USA, India, […]

How to buy a laptop under five thousand rupees only

April 3, 2020 By Somebody Nobody

You can get a laptop for 5000 rupees. yeah that’s true and it’s not at all completely damaged or if we can consider it as a new one because they are called refurbished laptops. Refurbished laptops are sold across Flipkart Amazon eBay and other companies according to the availability. So let me tell you what […]