What are the best websites to look at the stock market data

Stock market data is available with plenty of websites and now we are going to list some of the best websites to look at the stock market data. the stock market is different worldwide and there are different stock markets for New York City NYSE and there is a different stock market for India which is NSE. Each of these platforms has different websites to show the most accurate data. To look at the indices throughout the world then you can go with investing.com because investing.com is one of the most reputed websites in the world to look at the stock market data. Coming to Indian stock market data it is better to look at NSE india.com. it is said that NSE india.com is maintained by the national government and all the data provided in the website is most accurate and correct. moneycontrol.com is one of the other websites where you can look at stock market information as well as the news regarding stock.

Tradingview is one of the best websites to look at the stock market data you can look at the commodities, currencies, and indices and whatever the stock market data you are interested to. tradingview also provide the community to share your thoughts you can follow the users and their calls, you can also follow the news and you can follow different ideologies of the tradingview because if you do so there is a chance that you can learn better about the market and grow yourself in the stock market industry. Hope you got the required information and thanks a lot for reading

How to get a 30000 smartphone for 10000 rupees

There is an option to get 30,000 rupees smartphone for just 10000 rupees. Don’t be so greedy because this is not going to be a new phone, it’s not going to be a damaged phone but I can inform you one thing that it will be a good phone because they are called refurbished mobile phones. Refurbished mobile phones are the recent trend in the market because they look as much as new and they have a very minor defect while they will come at 60 to 70% of the price. This is because some people do return their phones after the purchase and the company cannot sell the same mobile as a new one to a new person that’s the reason refurbished mobile phones are 60 to 70% discount. So you might be thinking about how to get one refurbished mobile phone right now. Websites such as Flipkart and Amazon do sell refurbished mobile phones but you cannot get whatever the phone you like to because the availability of refurbished phones is less compared to the new mobiles. but there is an option on the websites to notify you whenever there is an availability of these mobile phones. To know more about this phone you can also call the customer care and ask them to notify you through the mail to get the phone. Also, make sure not to buy from unpopular websites because they may not give you the promised phone if your phone has more damages and you get one that will surely make you upset. So make sure to buy with reputed websites because there are more chances that these big giant companies will not cheat you. All the best and thank you

How wearing branded Clothes help you

A brand is a brand and it’s recognized by the people. Apart from the branding and attention, you get from the people. Brands do make comfortable wearings. For example, let us bring my experience with the brand Woodland and Adidas. I bought footwear from an unknown company with 700 rupees which is 10$ on average. This footwear lasted for 3 months then I bought Adidas for 40$ and Adidas lasted for more than 1 year. Still, its quality is too good also I get recognized by the people. Then after 1 year 3 months, I bought Woodland. I am still using it and its price worthy. I paid 50$ for it. Now, what do you understand by the above topic? Brands don’t just you the recognization but they also give you the value for the money you paid.

Yes, I do know that all the brands may not produce value for the money you paid but some of them do. So, it’s your duty to select the best brand according to your needs. I just mentioned about footwear here but the same happened with my shirts. I branded shirts which I bought lasted for years and the regular ones lasted for months. It depends on other products too. hope you enjoyed the message. Thank you for reading.

How to partner with Health and Wellness companies

There are some companies that manufacture health and wellness products. They do not directly sell the products and they do not possess a direct franchise. So they opt for franchise dealers who are willing to work with the company in order to take the share from the products. Amway and Herba Life are such companies where you can get partnered with them. Here we are talking about the opportunity to partner with the firms. That means once you are partnered with the company then you can provide opportunity for the youngsters who are willing to work and make there career in the company.

So, How can you partner with these companies? The very first thing you need to understand about joining the company is to get a mentor from the company. These companies do have a lot of mentors where they are ready to help the youngsters like you. They are ready to make you the leaders of the company. The more leaders a mentor makes the more chances of him to make the money. This is why mentors in the company look for youngsters who are willing to set there career. Hope you understand and research more on the topic to brighten you career. All the best.

Best online mobile games in 2020

Let’s start with the order. The most played games online and most liked games online according to type of games.

The first and the most online liked game is PUBG. PUGB is one of the most played game online. There are millions of players who play regularly, its completely an action game.

If you are more onto strategy instead of action then you can go with Clash of clans and clash royale. These are online strategy games where you can play directly with an opponent according to the strategy.

Plants vs Zombies 2, Plants vs Zombies first started on the computer then it got a lot of players’ attention. Now under EA company, it evolved as a mobile game that got a number of downloads. You can try it, Its also a strategy based.

If you are interested in regular games then you can go back to subway surfers which a lot of players are playing right now. If you prefer to play on the dark mode then go with temple run.

Last but not least, If you want to learn something and make you better while playing game then you should go with chess. Chess game is available online and you can play regularly. It also improves your calculation power.

What is the best Degree for your career?

A student tend to pursue degree once he completes 12th Standards. Degrees are classified according to different subjects and concepts. Let us go through some example Degrees such as B commerce, Engineering, Medicine etc. Each of these sections are sub divided into many parts such Computer science, Mechanical, Civil, Accounting, Social skills and Medical field. Each Degree has its own value according to the work. So it all depends on the student interest of the field. Let me get this to a clear point. The more job opportunities are available on computer science. The more money making Degree is usually medical science. Even accounting and other departments students are interested to get an IT job which is related to computer science.

At the end of the point in pursuing degree almost every branch is directly or indirectly related to information technology. Hence there are more opportunities in IT field compared to other degrees. You should also look at your interest towards the subject you choose. If you are really interested in a specific degree then must go you it because you may pursue more on the field in the future. This is because there is a masters program after degree then there comes a Ph.D. and doctorate programs. All the best

Tablighi Jamaat, Nizammudin Markaz and COVID-19 Complete Story

In February 2020 a Muslim organization held a meeting in Malaysia before the outbreak of corona in India called Tablighi Jamaat. The meeting in Malaysia had a lot of Muslim religious people who were affected by Covid-19 and the cases were increased due to the contact between them. The same organization held a meeting or gathering in Delhi’s place Nizammudin Markaz which was also been visited by so many people and due to the mass gathering of people, the number of COVID victims increased.

Tablighi Jamaat has become the largest viral vector in Southeast Asia. The preachers and religion speakers who are from Indonesia and Malaysia had visited Nizammudin Markaz for the meeting on March 10 – 13. This lead to the Delhi authority to close down the whole area. Although this was before WHO issued COVID-19 as Pandemic. The union of India’s health ministry calmed down the public and maintained the medical issues and the lockdown smoothly but there were a lot of cases due to the travelers.

In Telangana alone, 6 people were dead due to the COVID-19 who took part in the prayer of the meeting. In India 10 people have died who participated in the meeting. In Karnataka, 78 people who participated in Tablighi Jamaat had been quarantined and the government is putting effort into finding the remaining cases who were part of the meeting.

How much data files can you transfer with Gmail

Gmail allows you to transfer a mail upto 25 MB but when you want to transfer a file more which is more than 25 MB then you can transfer a file with google drive. You can save a lot of data in google drive. Google drive provides you 15 GB free data space for 1 gmail. If you want to transfer a file which is more than 25 MB and less than 15 GB then you can store it in google drive and give access to other mails. There is no limit to share the number of gmail ids. You can also make the access public. Google drives are mostly used to save the images from mobile phones. There is also a auto backup option in the mobiles to give the best output.

There are also some other options to share the files online. Online file transfers and data storage centers are available throughout internet. If you want to transfer big files then you can just google about the files and know about the type of content you want to share. There are some limitation in storing and sharing the data but you can find a number of options in the websites. Hosting a kind of data sharing

What are the best websites to learn Coding online

To learn programming languages we got plenty of options in the internet. My suggestion is to start with C language if you are a beginner. The only way we can reach the peak is to have strong base. C language is the base of other computer languages. Hence if you know the basic C language then you can understand the other languages quickly. So to start with C, There are plenty of websites and videos on the internet. There are number of C language videos in youtube where you can choose the best according to your native language. TO know about the video have a quick look at the comment section then you can know the user feedback about the video.

Coming to the point about the best websites on the Internet to learn a coding language. I prefer Udemy and Codeacademy. These two websites teach the user from base to understand the subject clearly. They also give you some tasks to learn and apply it in real-time. You can get a chance to collaborate with plenty of programmers online. Joining programming platforms helps you understand your subject keenly. A quick point: Every coding language is rule based and you need to learn with more discipline to be a professional.

Do People Make Money in Stock Market

Let me get this clear first, There are trillions of dollars in the stock market. If people don’t make money here then where do you think they can make money. Stock market is heaven for investors and hell for greedy people. Stock market is not a place where you can make millions in a day but it is a good place for investment where you can make millions in the long term. World’s 3rd richest person main source of income is stock market. There are plenty of billions who regularly trade on stock market. Every giant company will be in stock market to raise capital and get partners.

Almost every country has a stock exchange. If you are willing to open a stock market account then find the best stock brokerage firm to open your account. You can start with the trading of bare minimum of 1$. You do not need to invest millions to be a partner of a company, you can invest a minimum to buy a single share. A single shareholder is also considered as a partner of a company. He will get all the rights just like other shareholders. Though there are some types of shares where shareholders cannot vote. Dividends will be given to the share holders every year.