What is the difference between HTML, CSS, and Javascript

April 19, 2020 By Nobody No Body

In the article, we are going to discuss the tree scripts and then you can easily understand the difference between HTML, CSS, and Javascript. First let me tell all these three can be related to each other in building a complete functional website.

HTML is the front page our any website. All the fonts and content you see in the pages of a website is written in HTML format. All the browsers will have the default HTML scripts installed in it. Every browser supports HTML formats. You can simple code HTML documents from your notepad. You just need to add .html at the end of your file while saving it.

CSS is used to design the styles of a website. Styles such as theme, color, Widgets, Menus, footers and all the other designs are done with CSS. We can consider this as frame work of a website. This is where you can design how your website should look.

Java script is used for functionality in a website. Java script adds user functions and interface. Here you can code the functions such as logins, calculations, algorithm and much more. Java script is considered a front end language. Almost all the tech giants like Google, Netflix use them currently. Hope you understand the difference between CSS, HTML, Javascript.