What is Node JS and How is it useful

April 21, 2020 By Nobody No Body

Node JS is a server environment which is an open source. It is free to use and it supports all the major operating systems such as windows, IOS, Linux, Node JS runs with the help of Java script on the server. Node JS helps in client and server interaction. It minimizes the tasks between the server and the client.

It can used for multiple functions at the same time, which reduces the task time and improves user interface. Node JS can be used in Dynamic pages too, not just static pages to show data but it can also be used to edit, collect, and return required data of a website. Node JS has all the functionality to modify complete data of a website.

Node JS has the types of files that contains the tasks to be done. The tasks which are going to be performed are in the files of Node JS. The tasks include such as when a person trying to access the servers. All the Node JS files must begin from the servers. All the files of Node JS ends with .js extension. In this way you can easily identify the Node JS files.

You can download the Node JS from there official website. Just google NodeJS org.