What is JSON and How is related to Javascript

April 21, 2020 By Nobody No Body

JSON stands for Java script object notation. JSON is a syntax where you can store and exchange data. Data is exchanged between servers and browsers, it will be in the format of text and not code. So JSON is a text we cannot convert code into JSON and transfer it to the server but we can convert JSON into object codes. So according to this, you can work on JSON as data type object but you cannot transfer data in code format.

You can convert data in objects into JSON and you can forward the data to the server. When you recieve the data from the server then you can convert into the object code. Everything can be done in syntax format but you cannot direct transfer the syntax, it needs to be converted into text format before sending or recieving the data.

The data must be stored in text format. Here JSON comes to rescue as it converts the code into data and helps in storing the data. JSON is useful as a Data interchange tool. It is completely a light weighted programming language. It is also independent of other languages. The final words about working functionality of JSON is to transfer and receive the data in text format at the same time it can be used to convert code into text.