What is HTML DOM and How is it Useful

April 18, 2020 By Somebody Nobody

DOM represents document object model. It is represented in a form with a logical tree format. Each note can be considered as a branch and each note consists of an object. DOM allows changing the structure and style of the document. DOM was first introduced in 1998. The latest version of DOM is updated in the year 2015. DOM is limited to the elements. DOM working groups published its final recommendation in the year 2004. So DOM consists of four levels each level has its own specialization.

DOM basic level provides a model of an entire HTML document. The second level of DOM which is published in year 2000 can add functions such as getting data from the user. The third level of DOM can provide event handling and interface. The latest version of DOM which is launched in the year 2015 is used for snapshot and it is the current latest version.

DOM is mostly used in web browsers, java script,and CSS. DOM also supports navigation and modification.it takes the least time to buffer a document. Website layouts are dumped into the DOM. Browsers work in DOM tree format. Examples of such browsers are Interner explorer and Chrome. DOM also consists plenty libraries. They can be added to DOM for more functionality.