What is GitHub and how is it useful

April 18, 2020 By Nobody No Body

GitHub is an online platform built for developers. There are more than 40 million developers using GitHub. 2 million + companies are currently using GitHub. It is a community where you can open source code to limit the code according to your requirements.GitHub can be a better way to work together and communicate with other developers. there is plenty of open source code in GitHub where you can use it to build your own dreams. There are also a lot of tools in the GitHub where you can find it to use for your company.GitHub is now owned by Microsoft. A lot of technology companies such as using GitHub. You can also start building with a gift hub and customize your API according to needs. Many Java libraries are built in the beginning by GitHub founders and partners. It has can be considered as a home for developers. Github built more than a hundred million responsive websites worldwide.

There are more than 2.1 million organizations using GitHub in 2020. if you are interested in becoming a developer you must know about GitHub and be a part of this great community. This will surely help you to achieve more knowledge over programming. If you haven’t been on GitHub, then register asap. Its a free registration process.