What is Bootstrap and How is it useful

April 20, 2020 By Nobody No Body

Bootstrap is a part of the framework used in CSS. Bootstrap is mostly used in developing websites. The latest version of Bootstrap is Bootstrap 4. It is used for the quick performance of websites. Bootstrap designs the website according to the screen size of the device. Bootstrap is supported by almost all modern browsers.

Bootstrap class contained contains all the required formats of the website. This class contains the paragraphs designs, title designs, and other important things. Bootstraps also contains the formats, color boxes and the important frameworks required for a website. It also have features for column design and other required designs.

Drop downs are embedded in bootstrap. It acts as an additional development version for CSS. We can simply consider it as a library or an add on. Bootstrap tables, Bootstrap alert columns are also inbuilt in it. Buttons and cards are the extra features of it.

Cards are a part where you can showcase a person’s data, image, etc. We see this in most of the website at About section. To know more about bootstrap features, you can go through tutorials available on youtube. In this way, you can understand the working of bootstrap visually. At the same time if you can work on a real-time sample project. You will also get a good experience from it.