What is Ajax and How is it useful

April 20, 2020 By Nobody No Body

Let me first explain the main point. Ajax is not a programming language, It is used to read the web servers data. The full derivation of AJAX is Asynchronous Javascript and XML. This is the most used technique for accessing data from web servers. The div section in HTML page is used to display the data from the servers. It is processed through Ajax.

Ajax is a combination where the XML HTTP Requests the servers and in return the data is collected from server and displayed it on the website.It can be used to transfer the data in XML format or direct in text format. All the process can be done in backend itself without interupting the website.

When an event occurs in the website. THE XML HTTP requests the data through AJAX then an object will be created in the Javascript. Then the process is forwarded to browser. Then again the imput is taken from the user and the same process repeats. Then it is read by Javascript and required output is given to the user.

Ajax has number of sub sections in dealing with the data in between servers and users. It is mostly done with request and response process. Ajax is used from long back. Even old browsers support Ajax but the older version of Ajax is quite different from the current version.