How to start building a website with JAVA SCRIPT – Part 1

April 22, 2020 By Nobody No Body

First let me mention an important point here. Javascript is used to write functionality in a website. The web pages are build with HTML and the designs of the websites are done with CSS. Javascript adds the functionality to the website. Now with the three languages, HTML, CSS and Javascript we can build a fully functional website.

You can all the three tasks in Creative visual studio. Creative visual studio helps you building the files inside your computer without making a server to store your data. This is how you can get started to build the website. You can also use other easily tools and themes where you design the whole websites in minutes but here we are discussing about building a website from the scratch.

The article is going to belong because we will start building the website step by step. The continuation of building a website by using HTML, CSS, and Javascript will be written in the coming article. Apart from Visual Creator Studio, You can also use other tools to do the same work but here we are going to work on the same platform to make sure we can work without any errors. Okay once you download the application then move to the second part of the article to learn further.