Building A Website with HTML CSS Javascript – Part 3

April 22, 2020 By Nobody No Body

We have discussed about plugins and database in the previous article. Now we will be continuing with the next steps. Now on the right side of Visual studio creator you can find an option to see live preview of your code output. When you open it, it will redirect you to the default browser in your PC. You can check your code output in this way. You can check the code by giving some sample title tags to your HTML file. The URL shown in the browser will be hosted location on your computer.

So now we have created and using HTML file but we do also created CSS file. So we need to link the CSS file to the HTML file so that, We can use the style designs from CSS to the web page. The simple of linking the CSS file to HTML file is to add the <link href=””> tag. By using the this tag and mentioned the location of CSS file in HTML script. You can link HTML and CSS files.

The next step in building the website is adding bootstrap to the studio. This is because Bootstrap will already have good predefined classes and we can use it to design the website quickly and effecting. The bootstrap version explanation will be in the next article.