Building A Website CSS Tags – Part 6

April 24, 2020 By Nobody No Body

In the previous article we have discussed what are the tags to use in HTML file. In this article we are going to see how we can modify the designs using CSS and how to use the tags inside CSS. Unlike HTML page, CSS calls do not need symbols. We can directly mention the tag name to call it in CSS file. For example if we want to call <head> file in CSS then we can simply mention the head and modify the file in {}.

You need to link bootstrap and Jquery library so you can have plenty of styles inside css. Lets get to some examples here. What are the keyswords we can use to change the theme in CSS.

CSS file has a lot inbuilt features such background colors, fonts, height, width, formats, shades, transitions and much more. most of the names are easier to find and if you require a specific thing then you can just google the tag name and boom it will be there. That’s how easier it is. So my point is learning CSS file modification is much easier compared to another coding. The design should be in your mind and you can easily make it, if you put enough time in modifying it.