Building A website – Adding Bootstrap to the Visual studio code – Part 4

April 23, 2020 By Nobody No Body

To add bootstrap to the visual studio code. Google get bootstrap and visit On the front page of the website you can see an option to download the bootstrap. When you go to the download section in the website. It will show you 3 sub options there, Choose download bootstrap option, then a rar zip file will be downloaded in to your computer. Once the download complete, extract the files and then visit the extracted folder.

Go to the CSS section of extracted folder. Then you need to link the files to visual studio code. We also need Jquery in the process. To get the Jquery, Search jQuery on google and visit the official website of Jquery and download it.

If you do not want to go through all this process then you can directly copy and the CDN code provided in the website. This is an open source code available in the multiple websites. You can get this code from getbootstrap website and you can also get it from w3schools website. You need to link it to the HTML section in your studio code to start using CDN bootstrap. Once you add the CDN code to the HTML file, then you can check it in the inspect section. Inspect element section is available in the default browser for which you are using to see the output of the code.