Building a responsive website with Javascript Part 2

April 22, 2020 By Nobody No Body

We had discussed about the installation process of Visual creator studio in part 1, Now we can continue with the further steps to build a website. We got to know the 3 elements to create the website. Now we need to understand that we must create some space to build the website. This means, you can create your own database to build the website. The first data base you are going to host the website will be in your own system. This means, You should create a project folder, Then add some sub project folders like, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, Images.

The next step when you create the database in the system. Open your visual creator studio and create 2 files. One is HTML and the other is CSS. We can start to build a static website with these two files. Add some basic elements in the files such as HTML tags, Header tags, and title tags. Make sure to code the script in separate lines. If you do it in the same line then it will be messy to understand the script.

Make sure to enable emmet plugin in the studio so that you will get some additional features about sorting the script. To add the plugin, you can find the plugin manager in the right sidebar of the studio creator. Go to it and search the plugin with the name. You will find it, then install it. We will continue the topic to build the website in the next article.