Build a website with Java – What tags to use – Part 5

April 23, 2020 By Nobody No Body

We have linked the beginning of building the website with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Now we are going deep into the tags in HTML and CSS. How we can use it to build a header. In the first para I am going to write the tags then further will explain what the tags are used to write. So the code I am writing here just has a beginning it obviously ends as follows ” <head> </head>. So here I am going to write only the first tag, you can understand the second tag by looking at the example.

<a href>

HTML means hypertext market language. The code you are writing in html page must be in between these tags.

title tag is used to write the title of the page. This tag appears on the tab of your browser

head tag stands for head section of the web page. Here you can add logos and menus.

body tag is used to write the content of the body. All the elements in the website will stand here

header tag is used to write in the head section of HTML page. this helps to differentiate the body and header content.

div means division, this is used in creating classes inside html page.

a href tag is used to link files inside html page. This helps in attaching documents and images.

nav stands for navigation, which helps in navigating the code inside the page.

ul stands for unordered list. This tag is used while creating lines inside the html page.

li tag stands for line, this is used to write the lines inside the html code.

In the next article we will be discussing about the tags used inside css.