Zero Payment for Anushka


Anushka receiveANUSHKAHOTPHOTOSMIRCHI(4)d zero payment for her latest movie “Zero Size”.Anushka didnot took any type of payment in form of cash for Zero Size movie from Producers.But she has invested that money in movie in a plan to take a share in profits.





It became fashion now a days both in tollywood and Kollywood for the leading roles of movie taking shares in movie collections by not taking their remuneration.This started woth Mahesh Babu and Prabhas also continuing same path by putting his remuneration in production Investment.

Same thing was done by Anushka Shetty for Zero Size Movie.She kept her remuneration as investment for Zero Size movie as she has full faith in movie.She has believed the Director and story line.So she invested Zero Size movie beleving she may get profited.As the moovie’s screenplay was misleaded the judgement made by Sweety went wrong.Movie got failed near Box-office and left Anushka with empty hands.

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