Pani puri is the most loved food item among Indians. But the persons who make this were making the food really cheap quality and ugly. Many of the people who supple this food Items are from lower class. So they don’t make the food items hygiene.


There are maximum chances of getting your health spoiled if you eat this kind of street food. These persons supple food at low price. Have you never wondered what is the reason.


Most of the Pani Puri members supply contaminated food and bore water.

It is clearly said by the doctors and scientist you should not drink bore water because they contain Fluoride . These Fluoride will spoil you physical fitness completely.




Your bones will shrink and strength will decrease. There making methods are much worst than ever. They don’t use any thing to cover their skin while making food items. Waste things like sweet will fall in the food items while making.

Mostly they don’t even wash their legs properly after using toilet. So i kindly request you people not to eat street food in unknown areas. Mostly prefer trusted one’s .


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