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Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy Biography | Founder of YSRCP

YS Jagan Reddy Biography

Y.S  Jaganmohan Reddy is an Indian politician. He is the leader and founder of the YSR Congress party. It is currently the opposition party in Andhra Pradesh state. He is the son of late Y.S Rajasekhar Reddy former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. He began his political career campaigning in 204 elections for Indian national congress in Kadapa district. He was elected mp in the 2009 elections as the member of parliament from Kadapa constituency.

Early life: Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy was born on 21 December 1972 in Pulivendula village of Kadapa district. He completed his school education from Pulivendula and Hyderabad public school. He is the son of Y.S Rajasekhar Reddy. His mother is Vijayamma (a politician). He has a sister Sharmila (a politician). He founded Telugu daily newspaper Sakshi and the channel Sakshi T.V. He was the promoter of Bharati cement. He is a converted Christian.

Political career: Y.S Jagan was elected m.p in 2009 elections from Kadapa constituency. He won the elections as a member of the Indian national congress party. His father was alive back then and he was also the chief minister at the time. After the death of his father, he started  Odarpu Yatra (condolence voyage) for which the central congress did not approve. This triggered a fall out between the high command and Y.S Jagan. He stated that it is a personal matter and it was to console the people who allegedly committed suicide or ill due to his father’s death.

Y.S Jagan won with a majority of five lakh votes in the bye-elections took place. After the fall out between Congress and him, Y.S Jagan said that he would start a new party. He announced the name of his party at Jaggampeta village of East Godavari district.

When he was in jail Y.S Jagan started a hunger strike to protest the United progressive alliance’s decision to form the new state Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh. After 127 hours of hunger strike his sugar levels and blood pressure went down later he was taken to Osmania hospital in Hyderabad. His mother Vijayamma also participated in the hunger strike. After the formation of Telangana state, Jagan called for a 72-hour band to protest the formation of Telangana state out of combined Andhra Pradesh. Later Jagan and his mother Vijayamma resigned from their legislatures protesting the decision taken.

2014 elections: in 2014 elections Y.S.R Congress party was defeated and could not form a government in Andhra Pradesh state. Y.S.R Congress party won 67 out of 175 seats in the state assembly.

Praja Sankalpa Yatra: Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy the leader of the opposition party in Andhra Pradesh started a Pada Yatra (a walkathon) which was 3000 km long. Y.s Jagan came across 125 assembly segments in 13 districts in a period of 6-7 months in which he asked the people’s problems and assured that he would become the next chief minister and solve them.

Y.S Jagan and arrest for illegal assets: Y.S Jagan was taken into custody by the central bureau of investigation for embezzlement charges. His petition was rejected by the court thrice in two years 2012 – 2013. He claimed that it was a political vendetta. He was charged with false accusations to tarnish his name. after assuming power BJP has also agreed that the central bureau of investigation took up the case in a different manner than people with the same accusation charges such as sushi Kumar Shinde. Vijamma mother of Jagan Mohan Reddy said this was a political plan by Indian national congress party to tarnish his son’s name. she also added that Congress party feared that Reddy would become the next cm of Andhra Pradesh.

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