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A Worth Watching Short Film

A Worth Watching Short Film

Today in hyderabad we have a short film based on accidents

The speciality about the short film is,  it says about the story of a girl who met with an accident while she was talking in her mobile. actually what is the use if people purchase mobile phones produced by some Leading IT companies at high price and those Smart phones become the  reason for their death.

It may be funny to hear but its true !! This film shows us how much we are addicted to our smart phones  !! so every one be careful while you are on roads and make sure you have an Health Insurance which can help the people who depends on you as your death is a unforgatable mystery to please be careful atleast for the sake of people who love you!!

Hope this article is helpful to you. Our view is to bring social awareness about some incidents that happen in our daily life. Thank you

Source : Chai Biscuit

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