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Worldwide 33 million people are going die from Pandemic Disease just in 6 months said by Bill Gates

Worldwide 33 million people are going die from Pandemic Disease just in 6 months said by Bill Gates

We have seen from many of year’s ago lot of diseases like Ebola, Swine flu and influenza etc. World knows only these type of diseases no one noticed about “Pandemic”.  It’s more danger than Cancer and HIV. But Microsoft’s founder Bills Gates noticed the affect of Pandemic. He felt that Pandemic disease will be more dangerous from all. He wants to tell about this disease over the world.

On his last interview of Billionaire philanthropist, worlds richest men says nearly 33 million people are going die from Pandemic disease across the world. From the new epidemic influenza is Pandemic.

What is Pandemic?

Pandemic is new epidemic influenza, worldwide spread of a new disease. It’s a virus that occurs from the Animals. It can spread quickly. Sometimes it can appear similar seasonal influenza. Pandemic is more danger than all because it doesn’t have age limit it can spread all ages like younger and older.

Bill Gates says Pandemic is going kill over the world. No one bother about it, but he urges the government of US and other counties to do something against to Pandemic. Bill Gates donates 12 million US Dollars to help the people who are suffering from this disease. On social media meeting he said US government is falling to preparing protect from “Pandemic”. Other countries are failed to protecting people from Pandemic. Nearly 33 million people are suffering and die in just 6 months from because of only pandemic.

In a last week of interview Bill Gates said Pandemic is increasing day by day across the world. In the interview Bill Gates said increasing of Pandemic and discussion with US President Donald Trump. Bill Gates raises this issue since the 2016 president election. Last 2 years it’s increasing a lot. He was worried about this and said increasing risk of a bioterrorism attack.

Bill Gates suggested to US government and US funding for to do advance research on new therapeutics, including a universal flu vaccine. To protect against all or most strains of Influenza diseases.

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