Words Largest snake Anakonda found

Anakonda is largest snake breed it the world. An adult snake of this breed is about 12 foot. But the new largest snake in world Anakonda was found in amazon and it is around 30 meters long.

The age of this snake is estimated to be around 17 years.

Even some people believe that there are more large snakes than this. Of course yes it is true, many people found largest snakes but they missed the photographs.

One day we will surely find more larger snake than this.

Many spices of snakes need to be found more. These snake which they found was seen dead. Researches are saying that there might be snakes which were larger than this one.

Let us wait to see more things than this. Even it is not much easy to find spices of animals in the world. As no one completely visited total amazon forest .




Amazon is worlds largest forest.

A recent photographer said that he found a snake in amazon river which would be around 50 meters long.

But there is no clear evidence to prove it. so they did not declared it.

Now it is clearly announced this is the largest snake in the world and is about 30 meters long.


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