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Will Ram Gopal Varma RGV Make Movie About Sridevi?

Sridevi biopic news

Will Ram Gopal Varma RGV Make Movie About Sridevi?. After the death Sridevi RGV has once stated that Sridevi was a wonderful actress and a great pride to the film industry. So will RGV make a movie about Sridevi and her death. According to some social media’s news RGV is going to make a movie about sridevi. But RGV himself doesn’t confirmed this issue. After the death of Sridevi her family and audience and all the fans of her was really feeling sad about her death. Ram Gopal Varma too like Sridevi acting. RGV tweeted about the relationship with Sridevi.

RGV also tweeted about the death of Sridevi. If we keep this issue aside there is a news that RGV want to make biopic about actress Sridevi. RGV has also tweeted about this news. Ram Gopal Varma has stated that he has no interest at making a biopic of Sridevi. RGV has said to all his fans that the news which is coming on Social media is not true. RGV tweeted that if i want to make a movie about the film of Sridevi then we should bring her back to life there are no actress now and never as Sridevi.

RGV Tweet about sridevi movie

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