Which will be the Highest Valued Cryptocurrency in 2019

Which will be the Highest Valued Cryptocurrency in 2019

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money transactions. Which will be the Highest Valued Cryptocurrency in 2019. Most of the websites are accepting cryptocutrencies like Bitcoin, ripple and Ethereum.

Why cryptocurrencies are so unique? What makes people to be attracted for them? Which will be the Highest Valued Cryptocurrency in 2019?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. They can be transferred from one wallet to another in the fraction of seconds. Most of them can be mined. Cryptocurrencies were also used as a stock. Plenty of millionaires were made by cryptocurrencies.

What would be the future of cryptocurrencies?

There are very less chances for cryptocurrencies to fall. I may not guarantee the price of them but they will lead the world in upcoming years. The very first thing to choose to be a millionaire is to select the best cryptocurrency for investment. You need to analysis all the data before investing in a crypto.

How to become a millionaire with Bitcoin


How the value of cryptocurrency is measured?

The value of cryptocurrency is measured according to the market cap of the cryptocurrency. Its not about once coin but its about the value of all the coins in the crypto.

Example: bitcoin is around 15000$ and ripple is around 2$. When compared to the ratio of value between these two cryptos, It will be 3:1. The reason for this is the supply of ripple coins is very higher than bitcoins. These makes the ripple marketcap 1/3 of the bitcoin.


What will be the leading cryptocurrency of 2019?

You might be thinking that bitcoin is going to be at top list all the time. No friends, its not gonna be the leader all the time. The transaction charge of the bitcoin is troubling the growth of its price. The average transaction charge at present is around 10$. This is making the small investors being away from the program. The marketcap of bitcoin is around 238 billion dollars. This is already huge. So the maximum up in the price of the bitcoin will be upto 30000$ by the end of 2018.

Cryptocurrency investors are more interested to gain profit than 1:2 ratio.

So what is the best crypto to invest in for much profits?

To invest in a crypto, you need to analyze the future of the crypto you are investing. What are their plans and how are they going to develop the cryptocurrency. You need to analyze the number of exchanges it is in and you need the know the number of its users and its demand. Analyse its marketcap and find the maximum possibilities of investment from the public.

In our analysis we preferred Electroneum to be more valued by the end of 2018. It’s upto you to decide the best crypto and we preferred electroneum. Hope you like the article. Stay in touch with us through our Facebook page beinglegends and get good updates.


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