Why thangedu is telangana state flower

Why thangedu is telangana state flower. All of us know some facts and epics about thangedu flower… Which is recently marked up as telanganas state flower … Only few of us know about reasons. . here is a scriptable description of it.
English name: cassia auriculata

Types of thangedu: nelatangedu,adivi tangedu,payidi tangedu,seema tangedu…
Soil requirements: shallow,rocky, laterite soils doesn’t grow in black cotton soils Apart from their origin and their scientific and medicinal values …  Tangedu has the ritual respect equal to goddess durga maatha.. It is used along with other medicinal valued flowers and leaves in the shape of temples gopuram.. Exaggerating its cosmic power… Tangedu is a diversity negotiative plant… Which is mostly available in almost all types of soils …




Irrespective of its type all kinds of tangedus phylum have medicinal origin…After making up the bathukamma ,.. On the last day.. Ladies drown it in lakes, rivers and other water resources …. So that the medicinal values of those flowers and leaves… Get Dissolved in the water ,its a good source to rely for drinking …Perspective on all other flowers with tangedu is totally dominating…. Its origin,spiritual, ritual,medicinal,bio diversic,tribal values related to telangana are rooted with the people and ecological conditions….

Surely it is to be reaped as the telangana state flower …. As its done
May the ritual opsy reload in ur thoughts throughout the ecology we live around with….. !!!!!

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