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Who Will Win in Karimnagar MP Elections | Online Voting Poll

Bandi Sanjay Vs Vinodh Kumar

Bandi Sanjay lost in recent MLA elections in Karimnagar constituency. Still, he got the good number of votes in the elections. The followers of Bandi Sanjay are willing to work for him in the upcoming MP elections. 

The present MP of Karimnagar is B. Vinod Kumar. MP Vinod Kumar is also having a good reputation in the constituency. All the 7 MLA’s in his constituency won the MLA elections. It will be quite harder for Bandi Sanjay to win in the elections. 

Who Will Win in Karimnagar MP Elections

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Almost all the TRS MLA’s in the MP Segment of Karimnagar won with a good majority. There are two minister in the MP segment. MP Vinod Kumar is almost equal to a minister. MP Vinod Kumar had a good relationship with CM Chandrashekar Rao. Lets see the online poll between these two people. 

Well, the poll isn’t the final result but still we can see the following between the leaders. 

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