Who gives perfect reviews for Tollywood movies

Most of the people read movie reviews before they watch. Reviews are given by people or organisation according to their interest. Many of the websites and TV channels don’t give us a genuine reviews.

Only a person with good knowledge about films and a perfect idea about how to watch movies will give us a perfect review. Where do we find this guys. Don’t worry there are with us in Facebook.

Some of the movie fans with best knowledge about movies were maintaining pages.




1.Troll tollywood

There is a page in facebook named Troll Tollywood with more 65000 followers and increasing day by day.

Troll tollywood is page maintained by 15 admins. These guys were trying to make unity between tollywood star fans. People like them should be encouraged for the future of telugu film Industry.

You will always get a genuine review from Troll Tollywood page i suggest you to follow it.

tollywood hero 2


2.Comedy and punch dialogues Telugu

This page has a huge fan following from Telugu people. There are having 235 k followers and the followers were increasing day by day.

This page mostly concentrate on fun in the movie. This guys posts will make you feel free from stress. This page don’t concentrate much in movie reviews but whenever there is a good film or a big film this page members will surely tell their audience perfect review

This page is maintained by 7 b-tech students. I suggest you to follow this page.

Comedy and punch dialogues telugu team


3. Hail Tollywood

This is a new page maintain by the telugu movie lovers. These guys we improving day by day. At present they had 7,500 followers and their were increasing day by day.

You can also get genuine reviews in Hail Tollywood page. They had a good talent in editing images same as Troll Tollywood & Comedy and punch dialogues telugu.

I suggest you to follow this page.

Tollywood hero


Hope this article is helpful. Have a nice day.



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