What Will Happen If A Meteor Hits Earth With The Speed Of Light

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What Will Happen If A Meteor Hits Earth With The Speed Of Light. Most of the outer space objects like meteor gets into the earth gravitational orbit everyday. The outer space object certainly which look a like an asteroid which is going to hit the earth is known as “Meteors”. These meteors transforms into meteorites when they get into the atmosphere of earth. A normal fall of meteorites on earth causes huge disaster but what if the meteor traveling speed gets equal to the speed of light. All the people knows that nothing can match the speed of light But lets just assume that meteor is going to hit the earth in the speed of light.

The speed of light meteor

What Will Happen If A Meteor Hits Earth With The Speed Of Light

Lets just assume that the meteor is going to hit the earth in the speed of 3000km/sec what will be the unexpected catastrophic incident which will occur on earth. First of all we can say that at the speed of 3000km/sec the meteor will eventually scattered up into pieces due to the plasma heating caused by the atmosphere of earth however the small pieces which hits earth will create tons of destruction which is almost twice than the nuclear blasts. So imagine what would happen to earth but still this is boring this speed is just 0.01 % of speed of light. So what will happen if the meteor hits the earth with speed of.

0.9% Of Speed Of Light: If the meteor gets into the speed of 0.9% of light than it would so magnificent. Lets just take a meteor which is diamond coated with radius of 45 meters which is going to hit the earth with the 0.9% of speed of light. When the meteor gets into the atmosphere of earth the diamond meteor while eventually turns and scatters up into tiny carbon molecule which consists the 70 billion electronvolt energy. Before the hit of the asteroid the pressure of its speed will felt by the animal which are in spotted region which is going to be hit by the meteor. After the hit of meteor the complete districts, cities, countries of the region and other regions will be complete collapsed which will be massive loss and also massive amount of catastrophic incident of human race. In clear this disaster will be 50 times more than the meteor hit which erased the whole dinosaur race. After this the core will be cracked from the lithosphere and the most hot place of earth the mantle will be visible in a certain region.  Lets just add some few more nines and turn into even great.

Lets Directly get into the second highest rate of speed of light which is 99.9% of speed of light.

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99.9% of Speed Of light:

In the same case of above speed of light the meteor but with the carbon molecules with energy of 25 trillion electronvolts. Which is comparably equal to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). In this rate the meteor which is going to hit earth will be in the same amount of energy which moon has in the moon orbit. By the hit of this meteor the earth will be completely melted. In clear the first hit of meteor will be drove to the mantle of earth and creates a massive amount of disturbance in the earth surface. The earth will be eventually melted and it will be the end of the earth with the life probability of 0 percent.

The meteor with the speed of light

If the speed of meteor decreases to the 0.9999999999999951% of the speed of light which is equal to the speed of meteor of OMG particle which was visible on the utah in 1991 it will turn the complete earth into a sun which is more brighter and more dangerous than sun.

What Will Happen If A Meteor Hits Earth With The Speed Of Light In A Video Explanation

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