What is a Domain

What is a Domain

Using the internet for surfing different sites does not mean you actually know the meaning of a domain. If someone asks what is a domain, Many people would simply answers its a name. Yeah of course its a name representing something but there is much more to know about it.

What is a Domain

Domain can be considered as a place where we can use the place to show up something. For example beinglegends.com is a domain where we show up our articles online.

Can two persons have the same domain

Once if a domain is used by a person it cannot be own by the other until his registration completes.




One can own mutliple domains but mutliple persons cannot own single domain.

How to buy a domain

There are many online sites like Godaddy , Blue Host and much more. These where the places you can by Domains.

If you want to develop a product or a site or something to a good level and want to show it on the internet then you should choose a domain which suits your product name or something related to it. You can do it by buying the domain and making your product visible on the internet.

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