What Happens when you Shoot a Bullet at Axe. Mind Blowing Video.

What Happens when you Shoot a Bullet at Axe

There are plenty of Youtuber’s who make video to get views. Only a good content video has more probabilities of getting high views and likes. One of such video is this and I think you will be satisfied watching it. The video shown below is from the channel MR Gear and it is one of the good channel with satisfying content. They made an experiment to see what happen when you fire a bullet at Axe bottle.

We know that Axe or any other deodorants are explosive when combined with fire. What happens if a person shoots an Axe deodorant when it is in fire. Well! the answer will be shown in the video. We will be bringing more best content in the future in our website. Please do like our page and follow the website.

Note: Never ever try to do this. This is completely a risky job and done under care. Please be careful and do not attempt any of the above shown stunt.


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