What happens if the whole ice in the world melts

99% of the fresh water in world is ice. What happens if complete ice melts. Weather changes occur around the world. We will lose wildlife species like (Whales,Walrus and seals) in Antarctica.

In Antarctic, a large ice shelf that’s existed for 12,000 years is on the way  to collapse. Another study saying that Antartica’s floating ice shelves shrank 18% and the melting is speeding up. New research from Princeton University shows that  it’s melting faster than expected. Researches found that in Antarctica ,ice melting increased by 7 billions tons per year.




Scientists say that if these ice sheets melt, sea levels will rise . If all the ice in Greenland melts, sea levels would rise about 7.3 meters(24 feet). If all the Antarctica melts, sea level would rise 64 meters (200 feet). If this happens most of the countries will be vanished.new researches confirmed that sea water level is increasing an inch every 10 years.

The ice acts as a gaint reflector . Bouncing sunlight back into space . But if Ice melts, the climate changes would make a huge loss to the earth .

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