What are the Reasons behind the Death of Sridevi

Yes, There are a few reasons behind the death of Actress Sridevi. South indian actress Sridevi was a wonderful heroine and also a great actress. We can say that she is the next Mahanati savitri Devi. Sridevi had got many awards in the past not only for her film career also for her social service. Sridevi has donated money to many people and foundation which are in India. But now she had resting in peace. Sridevi left all and passed away on  25 February 2018. So what are the reasons behind Sridevi death when she was in Dubai.

The Three Reasons Behind Sridevi’s Death

1) HEART ATTACK: There is a news that Actress Sridevi died of a heart attack when she was in dubai hotel. Do you think that it is the truth behind the death of Sridevi. This is one of the reason behind Sridevi death but even by having a heart attack at that time she wasn’t shifter to hospital immediately. What may be the reasons for that. If you think about it, is Heart Attack is the main reason behind Sridevi’s death. We could not confirm it just without having a proof but if she really had natural cause of death by heart attack then she definitely knows that she is going to get a Heart Attack because of her health condition.

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2) CARDIAC ARREST: There is a difference between Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest). In the case of Heart Attack the blood flow will be stopped and effects the muscles and then slows down the heart pumping and stops the heart beat. In the case of Cardiac Arrest there will be a sudden disturbance in the body and stops the blood function from the start then it will be quite painful to body compare to Heart Attack. CARDIAC ARREST is also one of the reasons behind actress Sridevi’s death.

3) MOVIE AUDIENCE: Yes one of the reasons for Sridevi death are us. All the audience want to see actress Sridevi as young and slim and beautiful. She had tried to fulfill all the desires of her audience by staying slim and beautiful at the age 55. That is also a reason for her death the main reason for her death is us. If you think about Sridevi husband said that Sridevi dosen’t had any heart problems in the past but she died by a heart disease think how it is happened. One of the main reason for Sridevi’s Death is us. Sridevi died because of US.

Think about it what are the main reason about Sridevi’s death in the above ISSUES. I think that the main reason is us we all are just thinking that a actress should be beautiful and should be slim. That is the main reason behind why we lost a wonderful actress now you should be some what grateful to actress sridevi. she even tried to be slim and beautiful and even acted in the movie to entertain her fans. If heart attack was the real reason for her death then we are the reason behind the heart attack of Sridevi.


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