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Warangal Tourism – A Glimpse of Historical Architecture

Fine science in the temples of Warangal

Warangal tourism

Warangal was ruled by Kakatiya’s in the 13th century later it was conquered by Nayaks. They ruled for over fifty years. Later it was occupied by sultans(Mughal emperors). After their departure from the country, it was made a part of Andhra Pradesh. It stayed a part of Andhra Pradesh for over forty years. Now it is a part of newly formed Telangana state, it is the second largest city in the state following Hyderabad and has been enlisted in the smart city scheme. This is the history of Warangal from which we can say it has varied heritage, as a consequence, the city is filled with worth watching historical monuments.

Fine science in the temples of Warangal

Temples in Warangal

Badhrakali temple, thousand pillar temple, Ramappa temple along with Govindarajula gutta are some of the ancient devotional monuments across the country. They are internationally famous temples and are visited by a lot of people throughout the year.

Bhadrakali temple

It is located between Warangal and Hanmakonda, the internationally renowned Kohinoor diamond was actually a part of the goddess’s crown before it was stolen by Allauddin Khilji.

Bhadrakali Temple in Warangal, One of the most known and famous temple in Telangana

Ramappa temple in Warangal

It is located at a distance of 70 kilometers from Warangal near Palampet village of Venkatpur Mandal. The temple is filled with statues of mythical animals, musicians. These are carved in a careful and prudent way. Ramappa temple represents Kakatiya’s noble art. The roof of Ramappa temple is built by bricks which are so light that they can float in water. Even after so many wars and quarrels, it stayed the same. It is believed that it took fourty years to construct the temple.

An Architectural Genius Construction - Ramappa Temple in Warangal

Thousand pillar temple in Warangal

It is located between Hyderabad Warangal highway near Brahmanapalli in Hanmakonda. It is a must watch a monument for people who enjoy sculpture and art.  It was built with an astonishing sandbox and ivory carving techniques. It was damaged by Thuglaq Dynasty, it’s ruins are still left.

A historical construction of 1000 pillars in a limited place

Kota Gullu in Warangal

It comprises of about 20 temples. Several mythical statues are carved here. Half human- half lion statue is famous. People say it is very intimidating.

Kota Gullu - Warangal's historical monuments.

Warangal Fort

It is one of the monuments enlisted in world’s heritage recognized by UNESCO. World’s heritage list includes internationally renowned places like grand canyon of Colorado, from this we can understand that it is a must visit place if you are at Warangal. Arch from Warangal fort is taken as the emblem for the newly formed Telangana state. The fort is well sculptured and worth watching.

Fort of Warangal

Hotels in Warangal

If you are a tourist and looking for a hotel to stay, Warangal has all kinds of hotels to stay depending upon the residents, it has opulent and luxurious hotels for the rich and budget hotels for the middle class and also has cheap lodges for commoners. It has over 4 hotels registered online i.e you can book these hotels online.

Star hotels in Warangal

Hotel Suprabha, hotel Shreya, hotel Ashoka are the 3-star hotels that are found in Warangal. These are very well furnished, plush and rich in quality.

Budget hotels in Warangal

If you travel often and visit tourist places, You don’t have much money to spend unless you are awfully rich, in such cases opt budget hotels. The following is a list of budget hotels in Warangal.

Ratna hotel, city grand hotel, landmark hotel, Vennela Krishna hotel, and Vijaya hotel are well rated among budget hotels. The rest are Krishna lodge, Sai Sateesh lodge, Shanthi Krishna hotel, Haritha Kakathiya hotel.  Excluding these, you can’t look for a hotel with reasonable service.

Food in Warangal

This section is for foody people, people who prioritize food over other basic needs and people who are also open to dishes other than the restaurant ones. Akshaya tiffin center, Sai tiffin center, and Vasavi tiffin center are best for tiffins, you can check the precise locations on google maps.veg Manchuria at NGO’s colony, veg garelu at teachers colony are the best for snacks. When it comes to heavy food, Khursheed double masala biriyani is quite famous. Veg pulav near SBI Warangal Is worth trying. When it comes to the restaurant you can check through google maps but here I am mentioning a few Skyla veg restaurant for veg, Kanishka dhaba for non-veg.

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