Vote contest for Tollywood number 1 Hero

Vote contest for Tollywood number 1 Hero

Tollywood number one hero. There are many super actors in Tollywood. Many of the hero fans fight with other fans when they get frustrated by someone comments but No one makes a clarity about who is number 1 star of Tollywood. Who of Tollywood Number 1 Hero. Vote contest for Tollywood number 1 Hero.

Best qualities of Pawan Kalyan: A good character in the real world. Best for fights. Mostly suitable for action movies. Many mass movies.

Best qualities of Mahesh Babu: Best acting and good character person. Charming face. Class movies as well as mass movies

Best qualities of Prabhas: Acting with hard work and dedication. Had mass followers and class followers. Acted in many different roles.

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Best qualities of NTR: Best acting awesome expressions and a good dancer. Had huge fan following from his childhood.

Best qualities of Allu Arjun: Hard workers. Always tries to maintain the smile in his face. Known as best dancer.

Best qualities in Ram Charan: Had an industry hit in his 2nd movie. Got fan following from his debut movie. Acted in different roles.


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