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Video must be Watched-Volcano Eruption

Volcano is the dangerous place to live so.It is so much advised that not to live in the surroundings of Volcano.The Volcano eruption will definitely spoils our living.And the craziest thing here is we really don’t have any idea when the volcano get its blasting.So Government generally don’t allow any type of living near Volcanoes.



Volcano eruption generally leads to release of lava.This lava will be red in color maintaining several degree Celsius temperature.The temperature can’t be bearable for human skin.That temperature will even burn of bones.Even crops will not grow for decades if Lava flows on land.This is the powerful destruction of Lava.The eruption starts with big noise drifting lava from its inner core.It may look interesting to watch volcano eruption but its ill effects are damn too high.It causes so many health problems to people living people.Causes destruction of soil Fertility.This video will show you how volcano blasts off and how lava flows out.

                      Source: watch3rboy

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