Unknown facts about Mahanati Savithri Garu

book on savithri

Savithri Garu who was praised as “Mahanati” for her extraordinary acting skills.Every fan of Tollywood knows about her.Also there are so many books written on her but a book showing both negatives and positives of Savithri Garu is going to release by 7th of this month in Guntur.





Savithri garu was not only actress but also Director and Producer tells her passion of her towards movies.she was popular all around India.A book was ready to get published by 7th of this month which tells us about her life story and also many Unknown facts about her.This book was going to take its first release in Guntur city where this legendary actress was born.


This book will tell so many interesting facts about her says publishers.All her life history from the date she born in Guntur,her film career,marriage with Gemeni Ganesh and finally the book was going to end up in tears detailing us about her Death.

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