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TRS Party Would get 16 MP Seats on Parliament Elections we Would Decide who Should form The Government and Who Will Become a Prime Minister

KTR in Karimnagar


We will decide who will be rule Indian politics if we get on with 16 seats. election results should be one side. let it be any MP candidate, the vote must be to KCR The federal front would be crucial on behalf of KCR words by K Tharakaramarao (TRS working president) on Karimnagar parliament official meeting.

TRS working president K Tarakaramarao said that If TRS party would get 16 MP seats on parliament elections we would decide who should form the government and who will become a prime minister that would be decided by KCR federal front. TRS He entreaty to the Karimnagar people that “kindly reminisce about KCR sir on the place of TRS candidate while voting.

All TRS karyakartha’s should take a challenge from the bottom to Delhi level politics. On the occasion of Official meeting at SRR college ground Karimnagar on Wednesday K Tarakarama Rao state that 5 years KCR rule one side and 71 years ruled squander congress government is another side. And also the supplication that “think twice while voting”

K Tarakarama Rao called that whoever on race from Karimnagar MP candidate there should be 5 Lakh majority.

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