Trouble for Director Rajamouli – Bahubali Part 2

It is very hard to hide any video which were leaked in the internet. Present generation is very fast and technology is developing day by day. Director Rajamouli is worried about the leakage of scenes in the movie while shooting. Bahubali Part 1 stood up as India’s most collected movie and there are many people waiting for the Bahubali Part-2 . Previously Part 1 war scenes have been viewed by much people before the release of the movie.




Of course that became a plus point for the movie. Audience got more excited after seeing the war scenes.

Words of Rajamouli

Rajamouli Strictly said to Media and other top people not to reveal any of the thing related to Bahubali part 2.

No person should carry mobile phones or any other camera devices in shooting spot.

These were the best steps taken by Rajamouli to keep the movie safe and craze remains increased with the time. Hope Bahubali Part 2 will be Twice than the success of Part 1. All the best Rajamouli sir and Team.

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