Touch Chesi Choodu Movie Budget and Remuneration

Ravi Teja new movie Touch chesi choodu

Cast & Crew of Touch Chesi Choodu Movie:


Lead role: Ravi Teja

Female lead role: Raashi Khanna, Seerat kapoor

Supporting role: Vennela Kishore

Supporting role (female): Suhasini Maniratnam

Negative Role: Freddy Daruwala

Director and film crew of Touch Chesi Choodu Movie:

Director: Vikram Sirikonda

Story by: Vakkantham Vamshi

Music Director: Jam8

Cinematography: Richard Prasad and Chota k. Naidu.


Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has started Touch Chesi Choodu Movie project before starting the Raja The Great movie but the shooting has been delayed by Raja The Great movie shooting but Touch Chesi choodu Movie gained more popularity than Raja The Great Movie.


Touch Chesi Choodu is the new movie of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja which is directed by Vikram Srikonda and written by Vakkantham Vamshi. After the release of Raja The Great movie Ravi Teja restarted his debut movies Touch Chesi Choodu is the second movie of Ravi Teja after restarting his journey.


The story of Touch Chesi Choodu movie:

Ravi Teja character on the Touch Chesi Choodu movie is karthikeya he holds a company by his name. He treat his family as most important thing in his world his materials and production will be stolen by a guy called selvam in the movie. Then Karthikeya gives complaint about the robber multiple times but their will be no response from police hence he challenges the police commissioner that he will catch the robber within 2 hours so then the commissioner will give him the permission to be a C.I for one day then he will catch the robber who has stolen his materials.

The remaining story of Touch Chesi Choodu movie can’t be explained by words you should definitely have to watch the story by the visuals in the theatres.

Budget and Remuneration of Touch Chesi Choodu Movie:

The budget was pre planned from july 2017 for Touch Chesi Chudu Movie and finally decided on budget of 30 to 40 crores.

Remuneration of Touch Chesi Choodu Movie Starrings

The given remuneration is just estimated

Ravi Teja: 9 Crores

Raashi Khanna: 1 Crore

Seerat kapoor: 50 lakhs

The box office collections of Touch Chesi Choodu Movie:

Touch Chesi Choodu World wide collection: 15 Crores (Till 4 february 2018)

Touch Chesi Choodu overseas collection: 52 lakhs from usa (till 1 february 2018)

Even though this movie doesn’t got inough returns to the movie budget this movie will definitely gives some popularity in for Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja.

Most of the fans Ravi Teja has expected more from Touch Chesi Choodu movie but many fans has got disappointed by the returns of the movie but the story of Touch chesi choodu movie will definitely brings you motivation and brightness.

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