Top 5 Ways Which Shows How Earth Is Going To Be Destroyed

how earth is going to be destroyed

Top 5 Ways Which Shows How Earth Is Going To Be Destroyed. Our earth has faced many disasters but still being in perfect way. But as per the information of the scientists who are working on the earth future and possible destructions on the earth has reported a few ways which destroys the entire earth in a few minutes. However the discovered ways aren’t completely perfect cause most of the theories of them haves no proofs but some of them do have proofs. According to the analysis and prediction of scientist of NASA the world will be destroyed by the end of 2070 year.

Top 5 Ways Which Shows How Earth Is Going To Be Destroyed

1) Asteroid Impact: Every one knows that the dinosaurs gone extinct due to the impact of asteroids on the earth. Not only dinosaurs but 70% of the flora and fauna of the earth has gone extinct by the impact of asteroids. But luckily our earth had to supporting planets which attracts the asteroids by its gravitational force and they are Jupiter and Saturn. Some of the scientist has discovered that our earth gets hit by an asteroid after almost 200,000 years with the diameter of almost 5 miles (8 KM). However the given prediction doesn’t have a perfect proof.

asteroid hits on earth

2) Black Hole: Black hole is the most mysteries thing of universe. No one ever found what will happen if any planet or outer space objects entered into Black hole. Lets assume that Black hole passed near from the solar system, What will happen to the earth and other planets of solar system?. The answer simple the earth orbit will completely be changed by that the earth will get too cold and completely be covered by the ice or earth will be completely burned up the change of orbit.

Black hole effect on earth

3) Aliens: According to the space research teams aliens are one of the outer space advanced living beings which can eventually destroy any planet by the technology held by them. Most of the conspiracies and rumors had been spread on this issue. Aliens are one of the dangerous and helpful beings which we will face in the future. There is a possibility where all the human beings will face the aliens. Even by having a statement which shows alien will invade earth in the future there only a few proofs to prove that statement is true.

aliens going to invade earth

4) Solar Storm: The waves which are released by the explosions on sun is known as solar storms. If any planet gets a hit by the solar flares the planet will be eventually destroyed and burn out into pieces. This phenomena has happened on the year 2004 but luckily we just got missed by the solar flares of sun. However there is still a problem with the solar storm the flares which are being released from sun is going to be increased in the future according to the space scientists.

sun solar storm on solar system

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5) Supernova: The explosion of a planet or star which release high radiation waves of gamma rays is known as supernova. The supernova disaster is too strong and most dangerous. For example if you take any planet which had exploded 30 light years far from our planet then the radiation waves which is released will burn us out into nothing. The complete earth will be burn out and turns in to dust particles eventually. Supernova is a biggest space problem for our earth. The supernova can be created at anytime by any planets explosion.

super nova effect on earth

So what do you think about the above problems which are going to be faced by earth in the future? Do you think that these effects the earth.

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