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Top 5 Best Songs Of Eminem | All Time Best Songs Of Eminem

Eminem Top 5 Songs

Eminem is one of the pop singers who has introduced himself to pop culture in 1996 with the album named infinite. The real name of Eminem is Marshall Bruce Mather III. Eminem gained lots of followers by his rap songs. Eminem received 500 awards. Though the speciality of Eminem is his rap there are lots of songs of Eminem with less rap. Here are the Top 5 Best Songs Of Eminem Of All Time

5. Not Afraid

Not Afraid song was released in 2010 with the support of Recovery studio album. Eminem made this song to express his feelings to his fans. Most of the fans of Eminem addicted to this song till now. Not afraid song became quite popular after its release. This song reached 1.1 billion views in Youtube. So this song made it to top 5 list of best songs of Eminem. 

4. Rap God

Rap God song was released on October 14 2013. Rap God is one of the most amazing song Eminem ever made. In this song there are 1,560 words. Guinness World Record added this song to its book as most word contained song. Rap God song gained 807 million views in Youtube. Although this song gained less views than Not Afraid song in Youtube. There are lots of fans who liked this song more than any other songs. 

3. Lose Yourself 

Lose Yourself is the song of Eminem made in 2002 October 28 with the support of motion pictures and 8 mile movie. This the song which introduced Eminem to his followers. Lose Yourself is one of the most popular song of Eminem. Lose Yourself even got support from the critics of Eminem. 

2.Till I Collapse 

Till I Collapse is a song from Real Steel made by Eminem. This song made an amazing breakthrough for Eminem. There are lots of fans to this song. Eminem gained many followers by this song. This is one of the most amazing songs of Eminem. Till I Collapse introduced an American rapper, Nate Dogg. 

1. Love The Way You Lie

Love The Way You Lie is a song of Eminem which stolen everybody hearts. Rihanna was featured in this song. This song gained 1.6 billion views in Youtube. Most of the followers of Rihanna and Eminem made this song popular. Love The Way You Lie is one of the song which made many fans to know the value of love. So this song made it to the 1st place of Top 5 list of Eminem best songs.

These songs are the top 5 best songs of Eminem according to our perspective. There are still many songs like Forever, Bad Meets Evil etc. If we miss any songs suggest the song in the comments. Keep visiting our website for more updates.

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