Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of All Time Which Are Only For Courage Hearted People

horror movies you should definitely watch

Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of All Time Which Are Only For Courage Hearted People. As we know that horror movies are one of the most trending and also most popular movies around the world. Everyone loves to watch the horror movies but also every time they watch it they will definitely fear.

5 horror movies you should definitely movies

Basically most of the films of ghost and other psycho horror movies are being watched all around the world. Well, most of them aren’t real but some of the psycho and other thriller genre movies are really happened one. If you are willing to watch the most horrific movies then i would suggest the movies which are given below.

Top 5 Best Horror Movies Of All Time Which Are Only For Courage Hearted People

The movies which are provided are the best horror movies to be watched at night. These movies are rated high in the horror genre and also has wonderful horrific graphics in it.

5. A Nightmare On Elm Street

The horror movie which you should watch

The Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the best movie to watch at night. The movie is about a 15 years girl nightmare. Her name is tina gray one day she has started to get nightmare of man trying to kill her with claw glove on his hand. She woke up from the nightmare but her mother noticed the slashes on her gown. This movie is perfect nightmare horror movie for all the people who want to watch horror movies.

4. Psycho

The horror movie

The psycho is wonderful psycho thriller movie which should definitely be watched by all the people who loves the thriller type of movies. The psycho is wonderful movie which can be perfectly suitable to watch at night but the movie is not full of horror. However the movie is perfect to be watched by the people. The movie is all about the two characters and her lives marion crane and her boyfriend.

3. Halloween

The halloween horror movie

The Halloween is the best movie to be watched by all the people who love to hear the creepypastas. This movie definitely deserves to be watched. Halloween movie is one of the perfect movie which can drop you into circle of fear where you fear to go out alone for some days. Halloween movie is about a fight between to horrendous men one is Laurie storde and the other is micheal myers. It would be most horrifying and most wonderful movie i would definitely suggest you to not miss this movie.

2. The Exorcist

the horror movies to watch at night

The Exorcist is one of the great movie where all the people feared of the story. Most of the people who want to watch a perfect horrifying movie then this movie is best of all the above. However this movie isn’t full of best plot but this movie is full horrifying scenes. There are no person who claimed they aren’t feared by watching this movie so most of the people consider this as a most horrifying movie however this isn’t the best. This movie is about a amulet which is found by a priest. The plot may look like uninteresting but after watching the movie you will be scared even by listening a pin drop sound.

1. Veronica

the top 5 horror movies

Its obvious that Veronica is the most horrifying movie of Spanish and also English dubbed. Veronica has feared all the people who had watched it. There is even caution for the movie which show weak hearted people or heart diseased people can not watch this movie. This movie is all about the Veronica life time. Veronica loses her father before her birth. Later she starts studies at school and one day her teacher explains the old culture that used for getting message from dark spirits while there is a solar eclipse. On the day of solar eclipse all the students goes to the terrace and only Veronica and her friend goes to the down stairs and starts the Ritual and the next thing is suspense. It would be more horrific by watching the movie more than knowing about the movie.

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