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Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps From The Google And Apple Play Store

The most downloaded apps

Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps From The Google And Apple Play Store. Most of the people are using apple and android mobiles in which most of the apps are different from each other. However the most common apps which has been downloaded by both of the users are given below. The given apps which are popular is supported on both android and IOS systems. The given apps are most downloaded apps from both IOS and android. These apps are mostly used on android more than IOS because of the less amount of users from the apple system.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps From The Google And Apple Play Store

10. Netflix App

Netflix app

Even though by having a lots of visitors to the official website of Netflix the app of it doesn’t have more visitors and users. The Netflix app isn’t mostly used by all the people who are using android. The complete users of Netflix app are around 100 million to 500 million this isn’t the best score of all. The people who are using IOS and android are not quite interested in using the Netflix app on there mobile so it ranks tenth on the most downloaded apps list.

9. Twitter

the twitter app

Twitter is one of the most dominating social media which is very popular around the world. Almost all the celebrity and politicians uses Twitter. However by having a lots of users in the official website the Twitter app is not being used by most of the mobile users. The quantity of mobile users which twitter gets is around 500 million to 1 billion users. The original rate of users could be more than  1 billion according to our estimations. However comparing to its official site the app of Twitter is not having a high number of users just like Netflix app.

8. Uber 

the uber app

Although by having only 100 to 200 million users in the app the uber places in the 8th place in the list because of the usage. The uber has been used a long time than the Twitter and Netflix. Most of the people who are using uber are always on the urban area where the taxis are available. The Uber has been so popular in the year of 2017 by the increment of users. The uber is one of the best app which is downloaded by almost all the travelers of android and IOS users. The uber is been used by only 100 to 200 million user but this isn’t the perfect estimation of users of uber. According to our estimations the uber has many users than the 100 to 200 million.

7. UC Browser

UC browser app

UC Browser is one of the most used browser on android and IOS after google and safari browser which are default browsers of the android and IOS. The UC browser has gained almost 500 million to 1 billion users to its app. The UC browser users timing has been increased so much on the year 2016. The browser allow users to access the site of facebook, twitter and many other sites so it has been so popular around the android and IOS users.

6. Bitmoji

Bitmoji app

The amount of downloads of bitmoji is less than the other apps but the usage and re-downloads of the Bitmoji app is high from all the above apps. The bitmoji app is mostly being used by the US country people. This app allows the users to send different text messages and symbols. The Bitmoji is an app which shows different emojis. This is being used by less people but being used for a long time.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat app

The snapchat is a different social media comparing to facebook and twiiter. The snapchat is one of the most used mobile social media of IOS and Android. The snapchat is one of the most used app which allows the users to find new people around the world just like facebook. The Snapchat app has almost 500 million to 1 billion users around the world. This app is mostly used by all the people of IOS and Android.

4. Instagram

Instagram app

The Instagram is wonderful app of IOS and Android which is been handled by Instagram. The Instagram user are being so addictive towards the Instagram just as Facebook. The Instagram app is one of the most used app for sharing the photos and stories of the users. The instagram is being used by almost 1 to 5 billion people who are using mobiles.

3. Facebook 

facebook app

Facebook is one of the most used app and also a top website which is being used by all the people. Facebook users are almost 2 to 6 billion around the world. The facebook app allows the users to access his facebook id from the mobile. The facebook app may ranks in 3rd same as the facebook the messenger of facebook shares the same place as facebook. The facebook is one of the most used app of all time.

2. Youtube

youtube app

The complete users of apple and android are using Youtube and downloading a lots of videos from it. We do know that Youtube is the second most popular website of all time after google. On most of the mobiles Youtube apps are coming as default app on many mobile. So every single mobile which is sold contains Youtube app which has been downloaded by the mobile official creators. So the Youtube app is one of the most downloaded app where almost 1 to 5 billion users are present. However by having billions of users the Youtube app isn’t the first place of most downloaded app list.

1. Whatsapp

whatsapp app

The Whatsapp takes the first place as most downloaded and most used app. The whatsapp is being controlled by facebook the most used app is whatsapp which is presented in both android and IOS. The whatsapp has been so popular just around a few years unlike facebook. The complete downloads of whatsapp are so high than facebook.

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