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Top 10 Mobile Manufacturing Companies In India 2018

Nokia mobile company in India

Mobiles are the most popular electronic gadgets which are being used all over the world. Companies like Apple and Samsung are top in mobile sales. There are lots of mobile companies around the world. The companies like Oppo, Vivo which are newly introduced gained a lot of popularity among the people. If we get to the discussion of mobiles there are still lots of companies which are better than the other. But there are only some mobile manufacturing companies which are quite popular around the world and have a great number of products for selling. So here is the list of mobile manufacturing companies in India.

Mobile Manufacturing Companies In India 2018

The details of the below-listed companies are about the manufacturing units in India.

1. Samsung

Samsung mobile company in India

When we get into the mobile manufacturing business in India Samsung always be the first and best company. Samsung companies were introduced in South Korea. Samsung is one of the most earning companies in India. Samsung inaugurated the world’s largest mobile factory in India. The mobile manufacturing factory is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. Other than mobiles Samsung company also makes other electronic gadgets. We can say that Samsung is the largest mobile manufacturing company. After inaugurating the factory in Uttar Pradesh Samsung company had gained a lot of profit.

Revenue Of Samsung Company: Rs 380566500000.

Net Profit Of Samsung Company: Rs 49488006000.

2. Apple

Apply mobile company in India

Though Apple is the most popular mobile manufacturing company around the world it isn’t at the top of manufacturing mobiles in India. However, Apple company is in profit. The Apple company just introduced its new product iPhone XS which has been quite profitable for the company. The iPhone XS has the super retina display which is quite comfortable for the users. Most of the Indians are too attractive towards the iPhone. Right now Apple is trying to get more sales in India. Apple mobile manufacturing factory is in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Revenue Of Apple Company: Rs 126376800000.

Net Profit Of Apple Company: Rs 16802370000.

3. Lenovo And Motorola 

Lenovo mobile company in India

Lenovo company belongs to China. Lenovo is a multinational company of electronic gadgets. Most of the people choose Lenovo or Motorola after apple. Motorola was introduced in America but however, right now Lenovo holds the Motorola company. Lenovo company has introduced many products other than mobiles. The Lenovo mobile manufacturing factory is located in Sriperambudur, Chennai, India. Many south Indian people have got job offerings by the factory Inauguration.

Revenue Of Lenovo And Motorola Company: Rs 122068500000.

Net Profit Of Lenovo And Motorola Company: The profit of these companies are still unknown.

4. Vivo

Vivo mobile company in India

Vivo is newly introduced in India but still gained a lot of popularity and sales. Vivo company was first started in China later developed in many nations. Most of the Indians are buying the mobiles of Vivo company due to its camera features and some features which are similar to iPhone. The company was introduced in 2009 and yet it is competing against the top mobile manufacturing companies. Vivo is the low cost best mobile selling company. The Vivo mobile manufacturing factory is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Revenue Of Vivo Company: Rs 110579700000.

Net Profit Of Vivo Company: Loss of Rs 1184782500.

5. Xiaomi 

Xiaomi mobile company in India

Xiaomi Redmi is one of the top-selling mobiles around the world. Xiaomi manufacturing was started in China capital Beijing. The headquarters of Xiaomi is located in Bejing. Xiaomi is going to give a breakthrough with its new product in 2019. Other than mobile Xiaomi also invest in mobile apps, laptops and other electronics. Xiaomi company holds 6 mobile manufacturing factories in India. The mobile manufacturing factories of Xiaomi is located in 1) Andhra Pradesh, 2) Sri City in Andhra Pradesh, 3) Noida In Uttar Pradesh, 4th, 5th, and 6th factories are going to be launched soon in Tamil Nadu and other states.

Revenue Of Xiaomi Company: Rs 82360335000.

Net Profit Of Xiaomi Company: Rs 1622793000.

6. Oppo

Oppo mobile company in India

Oppo is also one the Chinese companies which have become popular recently. Oppo is creating a huge change in the Indian mobile markets. Oppo mobile contains many features similar to Vivo. Though the features are quite good in the Vivo than Oppo most of the people love to buy Oppo for the camera features. The new product of Oppo is Oppo F1 – Selfie Expert. The new product of Oppo is making quite a change in sales. The sales of Oppo F1 _ Selfie Expert is increasing day by day. The Oppo mobile manufacturing factory is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Revenue Of Oppo Company: Rs 78841890000.

Net Profit Of Oppo Company: The net profit of the Oppo company is still unknown.

7. Google

Google mobile company in India


Google is the topmost using browser around the world. Other than Internet services and products Google has given its best in mobiles and electronics. The manufacturer of new product of Google is HTC. Google Pixel 2 XL is making a huge wave in mobile sales. The features of Google Pixel 2 XL are much advanced than another mobile. Google Pixel 2 XL is powered by 1.9GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor and the RAM is 4 GB. The battery capacity of Google Pixel 2 XL is really great. The mobile works to 7 Hours by charging just 15 minutes. The Google mobile manufacturing factory is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India,

Revenue Of Google Pixel Company: Rs 71266462500.

Net Profit Of Google Pixel Company: Rs 186693000.

8. Sony

Sony mobile company in India

Sony used to be one of the top most mobile selling company. Sony company was previously known as Sony Ericsson. Sony was one of the biggest mobile brands in India. Sony was not only popular in mobile but also in many other electronics. Sony is working with a company called Xperia. The products of the Sony company aren’t good at sales. Sony mobile manufacturing factory is in Delhi, India.

Revenue Of Sony Company: Rs 71007964500.

Net Profit Of Sony Company: The net profit of the Sony company is still unknown.

9. Nokia

Nokia mobile company in India

Nokia used to be the top brand in India before introducing Samsung and Apple companies. Nokia company has launched its new product called Nokia 2.1 which has quite good features such as 13 Megapixels front and rear camera, 4GB of RAM, 64 GB storage. The cost of the mobile is between 5000 to 7000 rupees only. Nokia mobile manufacturing factory is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Revenue Of Nokia Company: Unknown.

Net Profit Of Nokia Company: Unknown.

10. Oneplus

oneplus mobile company in India

Oneplus is the new mobile company which has been quite popular in India. The products of this company are quite astonishing for the people. Most of the users of Oneplus are quite satisfied with the mobile features. The oneplus mobile company will definitely get to the top of the list eventually. The new products of the Oneplus mobile company are Oneplus 6 which is being high on sales. Oneplus mobile manufacturing factory is located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Revenue Of Oneplus Company: Unknown.

Net worth Of Oneplus Company: Unknown.

The above-mentioned companies are multinational companies which have branches all over the world. There are still many companies which work on mobile that are not mentioned in the above list. keep on visiting our website for more updates.

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