Top 10 Best Stocks To Invest In 2018 India| What Are The Best Stocks To Invest In 2018

Stocks to invest on 2018

Top 10 Best Stocks To Invest In 2018 India| What Are The Best Stocks To Invest In 2018. Stock market is one of the best ways to invest money and get profit in the future. There are plenty of shares to buy and sell in the stock market. Some of them are quite useful to people who are going to invest on the stock market but for some others they are not useful. If you want to buy some shares on stock market and get the profit in the future then the stocks which i’m providing will definitely be useful for you. Are you really willing to get profit by investing in the stock market?. If your answer is yes then this article is for you.

These are the Top 10 Best Stocks to Invest in 2018 India

1) Jain Irrigation: 

Jain Irrigation is a company of Agriculture, Piping, Infrastructure. and many other farmer utility provider. Not only agriculture, Jain Irrigation company also provides renewable energy source, Tissue Culture Parts.

In the previous year the stock was traded at rs 95 and now trading at almost 140+. There has been a huge amount of increment in the price.

In the last month this Company shares and its price had fallen down to 113 and now running on 100+ there is sudden change in the price of Jain Irrigation stocks.

2) EPC Industries Limited:

EPC Industries Limited is also an agricultural micro irrigation (Using small quantity of water for the field) company which is useful to all the farmers. This company right now holding the price of Rs 149+. This is also one of the best stocks to buy in the stock market.

In the previous year EPC Industries had traded in the Rs 148 and later increased to 201 Rupees but now decreased to 149 rupees the chances of the increase in the price is 65% above.

The price of EPC industries in previous month is 165 Rs but now it decreased to 149 there is a high amount of chances for this company stocks to get high amount of exchanges in the future.

EPC industries are going to take project of micro irrigation in the rural areas. If government accept this project then EPC industries will gain a lot of buyers and sellers.

3) Mahindra And Mahindra (M&M): 

Mahindra and Mahindra is one of the largest car providing company which had a huge following among all the people. This company stock will be a perfect investment for all the traders. M&M company has a lots of exchanges in stocks.

M&M company held the price of Rs 615 in the previous year and it has increased to 719 this year. There is a high chances that the stock price gets a lot of increment.

In the previous month this company held the price of 705 and increased to 750 and later decreased to 719 there is a chance that M&M company stocks price may change in the month of July.

Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) company has the leadership in the high amount of selling tractors. Most of this company tractors are being used in the rural areas.

4) Swaraj Engines:

Swaraj Engines is the company which manufactures the supplying of diesel engines. This company has high quality of productive and precise quality machines.

Swaraj Engines held the price of 1090 Rs in the previous year but now increased to 1925 Rs. There has been a huge amount of growth in the price of this company stocks.

There has been no big difference between the price of last month and this month. In last month the price of Swaraj engines was 1948 and in this month the price is 1925 but there has been a change in the stock price in the previous time. The stock price has grown to 2000+ Rs and later get downed to 1925 Rs.

Swaraj Engines is the leading supplier of all the vehicles including tractors. Swaraj Engines made a deal with the M&M company. There will be a huge change in the price of Swaraj Engine After getting into the deal with M&M company.

5) Hero Moto Corp: 

Hero Moto Corp is the company of Two Wheelers vehicle. Which is also a top company provider of Two wheelers. This company has an amount of 3,552 Rs price.

In the previous year this company has the price of 2,998 Rs but now it had grown into the 3352 Rs.

Hero Moto Corp is the best company of two wheeler this company is providing the bikes in the urban area. This company has high amount of stocks in the stock market.

6) Dhanuka Agritech:

Dhanuka Agritech is the company which makes the insecticides, Pesticides and fertilizers. This company has an average amount of stocks and its price. There has been a difference in the price of stocks in the previous year and present.

In the previous year the stock price of this company is 708 Rs but now decreased to 608 but there is a chance that this may gain high amount of price in the future. Or you can invest in the equity of this company stocks.

Dhanuka Agritech company is selling the products in the rural areas and also in the agricultural areas. This Companies has high amount of chances to increase the price.

7) Dabur India:

Dabur India is a company which sells the products of ayurvedic and also sells the products of honey and many food items.

In the last year this company held the price of 278 Rs but now grown to the 321 Rs and also once grown to 361 Rs.

In the previous month this company held price of 345 and later grown to 361 Rs but fallen to 321 due to some issues.

This company has high chances of growing into a better company.

8) Rallis India:

Rallis India is the company which is a part of Tata Company. This company helps in distributing and selling and buying the products of other companies and mostly work for the Tata company.

The stock price of this company in the previous year was 207 it later increased to 270 but now got down to the 227 Rs.

This company stocks can easily grown in the future. If you want to buy and sell stocks in the intraday then this will be a perfect stock where you can invest.

9) Hatsun Agro:

Hatsun Agro is one of the top private dairy company of india. In this company they sell the products of milk.

In the previous year the price of this company was 387 Rs and now this company holds the price of 720 there has been a huge amount of increment in the price of this company:

This Company stocks are the perfect stocks to invest.

10) Jyothy Laboratories:

Jyothy Laboratiories is the mumbai city company which is a company of goods and services. Founded in 1983.

The price of this company stocks was 336 Rs in the previous year but now the price of this company stocks is 350 there has been a less amount of growth in the increment of price.

The price of This company in the last month was 373 but got down to 350 and now running on 350+ there is a high chances that this stock price may raise into 400+ Rs.

When To Invest In These Stocks?

You shouldn’t directly jump and invest in the stocks which i had mentioned above you should wait for a right moment, a right date to invest in the above stock. You can invest in the above stocks when you get perfects news about the companies which i had mentioned above.

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