Tollywood Top 5 Villain’s Remuneration

Villain can be defined as the negative role or perfect opposite strength  facing hero and leading him to troubles.Tollywood Top 5 Villain’s Remuneration are place in this video.generally villains will have so much powerful role as that of hero so that he fights will be more intresting for audience.villains were generally very height with big olden days villains were picked out from andhra pradesh or telangana.




but now a days villains were taken from north who cant even speak telugu language a bit.they were offered a huge amount of cash from producers to play that a days cash expectations from villains are more money from producers.we are trying give you the top most villains receving huge amounts from producers.

now we are showing you top 5 Villain’s based on the remuniration

1.Sudeep : 2 Cr


2.Prakash raj : 1 Cr

prakash raj

3.Soonu sood : 80 lacs

sonu sood

4.Sampath raj :75 lacs

Sampath Raj

5.Sai kumar : 66 lacs


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