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Tollywood Top 5 Faction Movies

Movie were taking much place in public mind. People now a days in South India were mostly interested in fight movies. So directors were making movies of the faction background families and also Don movie.This article Tollywood Top 5 Faction Movies are present.Faction movies are the made according to a family which has been existed or the story might be created by the writer.




Faction movies took most positive role in the movies in the past days.Mostly faction movies hero’s were Balakrishna who made many of faction movies later on Chiru has some of the faction movies. After Balakrishna Jr . NTR acted in some of the Action movies which got a huge response from the public.These movies has best collections in the box office.At present faction movies are bit decreased and made them into fun. But in previous time faction had best part in the movies.

Top 5 best faction movies in Tollywood.

1.Samara simha reddy.

samara simha reddy

2.Narasimha naidu.

narasimha naidu





5.Chennakesava reddy.

Chennakesava reddy

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