Tollywood Top 5 actors Remuneration

there are so many big stars in tollywood.the word big was given for them because their remuneration is so much high compared to other heroes.remuneration was given based on star dum and their fan base.Now-a-days tollywood heroes were given a remuneration more than that of cinema budget.not only in tollywood kollwood and bollywood top heroes were taking there remuneration in large amounts.




But when this comes to Actress..they were given less but profitable money for their role in it became a night mare for tollywood producers to make a movie…

Now i am going to give u guys the list of Tollywood top 5 actores remuneration….

1.Prabhas : 26 cr+ for bahubali


2.Pawan Kalyan : 16 cr


3.Mahesh Babu : 12 cr


4.JR.Ntr : 11 cr


5.Ram charan : 8cr

ram charan

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