Tollywood top 10 Hero’s in One Movie

We all know that bahubali is the great movie for India which was directed by Rajamouli.

The dream project project of the director Rajamouli is Mahabharatham. His dream project is going to be around 6 parts with a huge budget. The old epic movie has many wonderful characters. So we can expect many hero’s for this movie. Rajamouli also said that NTR is the perfect character for lord Krishna.

So there are even many awesome characters in the movie lets expect some of the best characters for the best persons.




It is clear that he will surely make that epic film because of the success of the movie Bahubali. Which is huge hit through out the India.

The movie budget may be upto 1,000 crores or more than that. The remuneration for the members may exceed more than 300 crores. So the movie budget will easily 1,000+ crores.

Rajamouli will even get back them soon because of his creativity. Lets wait for another wonderful creation by Rajamouli.

Hope he will see more success in future.. All the best Rajamouli sir.

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