Tollywood Producer Suresh Babu Words On The Theater Ban

Tollywood Producer Suresh Babu Words On The Theaters Ban. We all know that there is ban of theaters in the south india, The Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh people cant movies in the theaters for many days. If you think about it what is the reason behind the ban of Theaters in the south state. The answer is very simple. We know that most movies are now running by the satellite movie production UFO. The UFO film service providers are increasing the money for a single movie. We know that most of the movies are running by the service of UFO.

Theaters ban in south india

The Telugu Film Chamber Of Commerce had meeting about the ban of theaters and also sent a notice to the UFO company. There is no response from the UFO company yet. If there is now response from the UFO company then there will be no theaters running in these 5 states. There are a lots of reasons behind the increase in the rate of money for the movies. Many actors and actress had spoke about this issue Producer Suresh Babu also spoke about this issue.

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This is the video of producer Suresh Babu words about Theater ban.

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