This is How The Power of Current Will Be

Have you ever seen the power of current. The average power which is supplied to our homes will be around 100 – 240 volts. The energy given upon the train wire is 25000 volts in India. If a person touches such a wire then he will die in a second. This is How The Power of Current Will Be. The power supplied from mini sub stations will be around 30000 volts and the power supplied from sub stations will be around 50000+ volts.

Just imagine what would be the powers supplied from current stations to substations and what would be the amount of power supplied from main power stations. The normal wire passing from in front of your home can burn a tree easily. You might not have seen such a things happening in front of you. A lighting has a power to supply current for whole America for 1 day. The power of current is unimaginable. You may like to see What Happens When Oil Tank Burns

Source : General BS

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